Easy Sewing Platform

280.00 238.00
240.00 204.00
Comfort Easy:
Folded 995*412*800-846mm
Unfolded 1395*412*800-846mm
Opening 610*305*415mm
Comfort Easy Plus:
Folded 995*445*846mm
Unfolded 995*1200*846mm
Opening 780*390*331//490mm
Packaging: Flat-pack. Ready-to assemble sewing furniture. Item supplied in pieces packed into flat box for assembly by buyer.  Step-by-step assembly manual/instruction included.
Comfort Easy:
Numbers of boxes: 1
Package type: Cardboad
Package size: 1060*495*150mm
Weight (brutto)  33kg
Volume 0,08cbm
Comfort Easy Plus:
Numbers of boxes: 2
Package type: Cardboad
Package size: 1060*710*150mm
Weight (brutto)  57,7kg
Volume 0,21cbm


The sewing tablesare  made of 16mm Laminated chipboard in Premium white color.
PVC edge of tabletop is 2mm and 0,4 mm on other surfaces.

What’s included:
Comfort Easy:
big sectional tray -1pcs
MDF insert
Adjustable support- 4 pcs, + castors with breaks -4 pcs
additional side surface
Comfort Easy Plus:
Door trays: deep-1pcs, small-1pcs
Threads spindles for 12 bobbins-1pcs
Threads spindles for 57 bobbins-1pcs
Cutting surface- 1 pcs
Castors with breaks- 6 pcs
Delivery time:
10-16 working days  ( for items available from stock)
Warranty: Sewing table-24 months